Services & Samples

Consulting – I can advise you on content development strategies, creating and implementing timelines, and overall communications plans for a successful project. From idea honing to wrap-ups.

Copywriting – Let me help create content to bring your ideas out into the world. Need help editing your notes? I can weed out the extraneous blabber and craft concise messaging that matters.  I can write your press release, white paper or any other corporate communications you need.

Photography – From head shots to events and product photos and even real estate, I have the equipment to make you shine. Selected samples include:

Real Estate – Beautiful rehabbed Benton Park home, St. Louis, Missouri

Event Photography – The Business Design Summit, Berlin, Germany

Senior Photos – Parkway West Senior, St. Louis, Missouri

Crowd Funding Campaigns – I have consulted on and written content for successful Kickstarter campaigns. Do you have an idea for a new gadget or gizmo? Here are some successful campaigns I have worked on:

Field Guides to Ensuring Voter Intent – “Brilliantly researched guideline gems and examples about specific and far-too-common ballot design problems.”

Blind Lifter – “A documentary about a blind amateur bodybuilder and his life journey.”

Not finding what you need? Reach out directly through my contact  page. Either there’s something we can work on together, or I can help you network to find the right expert.